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Rinnai are largely regarded as a premium Hot Water and Solar manufacturers in the World. Energy Concepts is a trusted Rinnai Solar Hot Water & heater Installer.
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Rinnai Electric and Solar Hot Water Systems

A solar close coupled system is where the storage tank and the solar collectors are coupled together and installed on the roof.

Our Split Electric Heat Pump hot water storage system uses heat found in the surrounding air to heat water, without the need for solar collectors. 

Evacuated Tube Solar Systems consist of a ground mounted storage tank that is installed separately to the tubes mounted on the roof. 

We offer evacuated tube installation for your solar water heater. A split system where the storage tank is located on the ground in a convenient location.

From our super compact 25 litre unit, through to our super sized 400 litre storage cylinder, there’s a tank for every household and application. 

With our launch of the country’s first fully electronic gas continuous flow hot water systems. It was a leap that provided comfort by knowing that your hot water would never run out.

Solar Hot Water Systems Gold Coast & Brisbane

Replacing an electric storage tank with Rinnai solar hot water system can reduce electricity consumption, Running cost and environmental impact by 2/3 40% of typical household electricity usage for water heating, Therefore a Solar hot water heater can reduce the overall electricity use by 75%.

Australian electricity is predominately generated using non renewable and dirty coal fire power stations. As well as electricity they produce carbon dioxide emissions, ash, particles and waste heat, while consuming vast quantities of water and non renewable coal.

RINNAI Solar hot water system reduces the need for electricity and are part of many major energy reduction programs.

Solar hot water systems also offset electricity just when it is needed most:

Summer that is when the air conditioners are running, loading up the electricity network. With rising electricity cost future electricity bills will only increase. One method to reduce future electricity bills is to use less electricity with solar water heater.

Will I Get Solar Gain In Winter?

Solar gain is available during the day throughout the year, even cloudy days can deliver more solar gain. A clear winters day may sometimes deliver more Solar energy than a cloudy day.

    • Clear & sunny – high solar contribution
    • Clear cold – reasonable contribution
    • Overcast warm – reasonable solar contribution
    • Overcast & cold – low solar contribution

What Types Of System Are Available & What Are The Differences?

Close couple systems have storage cylinder above the solar collectors all located together on the roof. Close coupled systems rely on the thermo-syphoning principle. Hot water rises because it is less dense to circulate the water through the collectors and then to the storage tank without the need to consume energy.

Split Systems is where the storage cylinder and the solar collectors are split and installed separately A solar control unit ensures the water circulates between the solar collectors and the storage tank. This transfers heat from the collectors to the water in the tank if enough heat is available from the sun.

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