What are Velux Skylights and what benefits do they have?

Everybody adores skylights. Right? They bring a great amount of light into a room and transform your kitchen into a bright and sunny room. Having additional light brighten up even the darkest days of winter. If you’re not aware of incorporating these skylights into your home, you can end up with high energy bills, rooms that are unusable at specific times of the year, or expensive repairs due to moisture problems.

Benefits of Skylights

They Boost Mood

A well-placed Velux skylight in your home can make the contrast between feeling okay about yourself on those dull days. For the individuals who experience the seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and can’t spend time outdoors, being in sufficiently bright spaces can have a significant effect.

The Beauty of Natural Light.

Just as with any skylight, Velux skylights increase access to natural light in your home. When you allow natural light into your home or office, you expand the rooms and brighten up your space. Skylights will allow natural light throughout your home all year long. Nobody likes being holed up in a dark, dim, artificially lit cavern on those overcast winter days when the Sunsets shortly after it rises.

Reduce heating and lighting costs

When you install energy efficient skylights with the right flashing and curbs, they can help to keep your home cool and warm your home more naturally, so you need to use your heating/cooling equipment less. Many people imagine that skylights lead to drafts and high energy bills but that is only partly true. Skylights that either are not installed correctly or are not energy efficient can make your home lose or take on the warmth. When you’re in the market to an energy efficient skylight, ensure it has the energy star name.

Velux skylight can definitely bring some necessary cheer by allowing more natural light to enter your home in the winter season. But while you may just get the right amount in winter, you may end up with paying more by overheating your home and making rooms more uncomfortable to live in. Here are some tips of how-to best use skylights:

  • Install the skylights in climates that don’t get excessively hot.
  • Install them where they’ll get shade in summer if overheating is an issue.
  • Remove skylight shafts or make sure they’re insulated, and air sealed properly.


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