How is skylight energy efficiency beneficial to the environment?

So you want to know about skylight energy efficiency?

Nowadays, people are more concerned about the environment than ever before. From groceries to cars, everyone is trying to “Go green” in their daily lives. One of the ways people are going green today is by installing energy efficient skylights in their home. However, some people can call it luxury, but it is more than that, especially in regions that receive limited natural light, or with house construction where there is a limitation in wall area available for windows.

Following are some real advantages of installing skylights in your house.

Home and Health Benefits

Just as with any skylight, Velux skylights increase access to natural light in your home. By bringing in natural sunlight, you can reduce the need to use artificial sources of light and lower your energy bills. Doing this way not only saves your money by reducing energy expenses but also saves the environment.

With skylights, it used to be that you could only install them in large rooms with plenty of space. However, nowadays, there are small tubular skylights that can help you to brighten your room with more sunlight. With more daylight, you will feel healthier. Skylight that opens will also improve air flow through your home, which reduces allergens.

skylight energy efficiency

Lower Heating/Cooling Bills

When you install energy efficient skylights with the right flashing and curbs, they can assist to keep your home cool and heat your home more naturally, so you need to use your heating/cooling equipment less. Many people think that skylights lead to drafts and high energy bills, but that is only partially true. Skylights that either are not installed correctly or are not energy efficient can cause your home to lose or take on the heat. When you’re in the market to purchase an energy efficient skylight, make sure it has the energy star label.

Design and installation

As we mentioned before, proper installation is key to enjoy the various advantages of a skylight in your home. Besides making sure that the skylight doesn’t bring any drafts or leaks into the home, it is also important how and when your skylight takes on solar heat. The right angle, slope, and the direction of the sun rays on your skylight will determine when and how properly it absorbs the solar heat.

Even if you’ve chosen the best location for the skylight installation, you can ensure that it does not lose heat in winter and gain heat in summer by choosing insulated glazing on your skylight. Without the help of an expert and proper glazing, you will find all the drawbacks in your skylight that people associate with these skylights.

If you’re also thinking about skylights in your home, choose one from Velux. They offer you a variety of designs and most importantly most of their products carry the Energy Star endorsement.

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