Velux Fixed Skylights FS

Velux Fixed Skylights – the Velux FS is cost-effective for creating light-filled rooms where adequate ventilation already exist. Energy efficient glazing and use of blinds ensure heat transference is minimized.

Velux Flat Roof Windows Velux FCM ( non-opening)

The brilliantly simple FCM Velux flat roof window skylight incorporates the Velux high-performance laminated double glazed unit and an all Maintenance-free anodised heavy gauge aluminium metal exterior frame withstands the extremes of the Australian climate. The smooth exterior gives not only a lower profile on the roof, but also provides a “cool” daylight solution by effectively blocking heat build up and UV rays.

Huge benefits at a fraction of the price you would expect. Unlike acrylic or poly carbonate skylights. Laminated glass will not fade or discolour over time. And in simulated tests, Velux skylights withstood hailstones the size of cricket balls launch at speeds experienced during heavy hail storms.

High-Performance double glazing as standard – blocks approx 80 % of radiant heat and gives approx 99% protection from UV rays.

Requires custom made flashing (not supplied) We can assist with technical advise & organise manufacture.

Now available in 10 sizes.

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