Velux Honeycomb & Blockout Blinds

Velux Blinds – effective light control

velux honeycomb blinds

Velux honeycomb blinds and Velus blockout blinds provide different levels of light. Taylor made to fit perfectly to each size of skylight or roof window, they are easy to install and are supplied with aluminium side channels that allow the blind to be positioned at any point down the window.

Velux Blockout Blinds

The Velux blockout blind range provides blockout from the light, manual or solar powered version available. Blind can be stopped at any position. They reduce light by approx 100%. Reduce heat by approx 40%. Available in white only


Velux Honeycomb Blinds

The Velux honeycomb blinds are a stylish and modern blind providing protection from heat and glare while providing a near complete blockout from light. Manual or solar powered version available. They reduce light by approx 95%. Reduce heat by approx 60 %. Available in white only.