Velux Skylights & Roof Windows

Throughout the construction industry, Velux skylights and Velux roof windows & skylight energy solutions are renowned for quality. With more than 30 years in Australia and for over 70 years around the world.

Perfectly designed to withstand the world’s harshest climatic conditions, all products are of the highest quality and will perform superbly for a lifetime of faultless service.

For range, quality, value, guarantees, delivery and service- Velux is a world leader


10 Year Warranty on all Velux skylights and roof windows and 3-year warranty on accessories, including electric controls.

Velux Skylights – Exceeding Australian Standards

Velux skylights and roof windows have been rigorously tested to meet stringent Australian Standards criteria for construction in both residential and commercial buildings

These tests include water tightness, concentrated loads (for snow load areas), cyclonic areas (northern Australian Climates) and bushfire testing for our harsh and unforgiving summer months

Velux skylights and roof windows have passed all the required tests- reaffirming our confidence in the quality of the Velux brand


Velux have been energy rated in accordance with the skylight Energy Rating Scheme (WERS) WERS is a scientifically developed rating system that measures the skylight thermal performance in three categories

SUMMER: The skylight is rated by its ability to limit the solar heat gain in summer (keeping the heat outside). Velux have achieved the maximum 5 -star summer rating.

WINTER: The skylight is rated by its ability to keep the heat inside during winter. Velux have achieved a 5 star winter rating.

COOL DAYLIGHT: ‘Cool Daylight’ refers to the skylight’s ability to let light in while keeping heat out. Velux skylights without a flyscreen have achieved the maximum 5 star ‘Cool Daylight’ rating.

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