The Benefits of Installing Opening Skylights in Your Home

An addition to the structure of your home that cools, saves money and energy, and is affordable to install, sounds like too much to ask, right? You might think it’s impossible to do something different to your home that is cost-effective, beautiful and functional, but you’re mistaken. Opening skylights ticks all the boxes, providing ventilation, natural light and it opens the room. Here are the benefits of installing an opening skylight in your home.

1. They’re an Affordable Alteration to Your Home

When you’re looking to make alterations to your home, you’ll need to keep a strict budget because home improvements can get expensive. An opening skylight is a perfect change you can make to your home. It is cost-effective and an easy installation, with many added benefits. Not only are they affordable during installation, but they save money on your energy bills too, with the extra sunlight coming in.

2. There Are Many Styles to Choose From

The shape and size of your home or office looks different to others, right? So why should opening skylights be any different? There are a variety of styles and colours to choose from, to suit your home and personal taste. The more designs you consider, the happier you will be with the choice you make. There’s something for everyone, and they’re all different.

3. They Offer Temperature Control

Summer in Australia is hot and humid. Temperature control and ventilation are essential to keep fresh and sane during the summer months. As we know, heat rises, and an opening skylight would release all the hot air that stifles us, letting in cool breezes. Take temperature control into your own hands without adding to your energy bill – it’s as simple as opening a window.

4. Natural Light Is Better Than Artificial Light

Natural light doesn’t only allow you to see better – that’s artificial light. Natural light brightens the space and opens up the room. It also improves your mood by promoting a comforting and welcoming area which you’ll love being in.

5. They’re Manufactured to Be Durable

Because skylights are installed on roofs, they need to withstand the elements and different weather patterns that Queensland and NSW are known for. Skylights endure wind, hailstorms and torrential rain, as well as the hot sun. Opening skylights are made to seal correctly, ensuring that moisture doesn’t come through, giving you peace of mind during stormy weather. The materials used to manufacture and install opening skylights are high-quality, adding to the value of your home.

6. Opening Skylights Are an Eco-Friendly Solution

Natural light is the best way to light your living spaces. It promotes a beautiful atmosphere, which also saves on your energy bills. Using less electricity to light and cool your home means that your home is more sustainable and healthier for the environment. The innovations and improvements of skylight technology are now producing solar, electrical and manual usage, providing better lighting, ventilation and usability solutions.

Using natural light is more than just beautiful. It’s also an environmentally friendly way to light your space and save energy. Some people will think that if you’re getting an eco-friendly product, you won’t have the quality that will protect your home. However, there have been many innovations and improvements made for skylight ventilation.

7. They Offer More Privacy

Many people value their privacy and the amount of sunlight that comes into their homes too. However, you can’t always have it both ways. If you want more sunshine, you have to compromise on your privacy. On the other hand, if you want more intimacy in your home, you have to compromise on sunlight by using curtains or blinds. With opening skylights, you can have the best of both worlds. Because skylights are installed in the ceiling, there is no chance of onlookers, neighbours or passers-by seeing through into the sanctuary of your home. You can have all the privacy and sunlight you desire.

8. Improved Air Quality

With opening skylights, you can circulate the air in your home. Get rid of musty smells and stale air and replace it with fresh breezes which clears the air quality. You’ll feel more energetic and in a better mood.

Opening skylights have innovated an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home into a functional and vital element which improves your quality of life and saves on energy bills. Energy Concepts is your skylight solution. We provide opening Velux skylights, manufactured with solar panels that operate the mechanics – and generate reusable electricity as well. Our Velux range comes in nine sizes, with Wi-Fi-controlled blind operation and rain detection. And that’s just scratching the surface. Contact Energy Concepts for a quote today.

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