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Your new home is a blank canvas where you can decorate and furnish however you want, but it’s not always easy to ensure that the items we buy match our personal tastes in design. You deserve to be living in a home that provides ultimate relaxation, particularly because properties are a costly investment. Energy Concepts is your leading Skylights Gold Coast & Northern NSW supplier and installer.

If you want your home to feel warm and welcoming while radiating elegance, you should consider your lighting choices, because the luminous areas allow you to relax during the daytime. Energy Concepts Skylights on the Gold Coast allow you to let natural sunlight pass into your house to create lovely light-filled spaces. It is also an eco-friendly way to lighten your surroundings without using artificial lights. 

Energy Concepts is a recognised Skylight dealer on the Gold Coast. With more than 25 years of experience specialising in Gold Coast skylights design, we sell and install a wide range of skylights and roof windows with various blind and glazing options

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Manually Operated & Electric opening skylights offer natural sunlight, fresh air, warmth, and energy savings. Solar Powered Skylights feature a solar panel capturing daylight to recharge a concealed battery.

The additional convenience of remote control and integrated rain sensors makes them one of the best Gold Coast Skylights solution out of all of these choices. 

Fixed skylights are ideal for visually extending every area of the home, by transforming rooms with sunshine and sky views. They are a cost-effective option to create a spacious home filled with ample day light. 

Benefits of Gold Coast Skylights

In a variety of different designs and sizes, we provide skylights to ensure we have the ideal product for any property. Here is why you should consider getting a skylight installation on the Gold Coast. 

  • They look stunning – Skylights promise to make every space more welcoming and nothing could be better than basking in the natural light of the sun when you are indoors on a sunny day. Plus, the skylights are exceptionally bright, durable, and simple to maintain thanks to the latest tools and technology.
  • Quick installation – We can also install skylights quickly and efficiently thanks to our wealth of experience, reducing the inconvenience to your busy schedule.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Through harnessing the power of the sun to brighten up your surroundings during the day, you will decrease your reliance on electric lights to reduce your carbon footprint. We all have a duty to protect the environment, and you would be surprised by how much of a difference having skylights installed can help. 

Contact Us for Your Gold Coast Skylight Solutions

After getting beautiful and functional skylights installed, you will love your Northern NSW or Gold Coast home even more! We are happy to provide expert guidance on which products will fit best for your home. Energy Concepts is committed to be the best-value provider of quality products, so contact us for a no-obligation quote today and find out how we can help you make your house revamp a big success. 

Questions about Skylights?

How much does it cost to put in a skylight?

The installation of a skylight only on the roof no internal shaft will cost approximately $350.00 plus GST. The installation of a skylight fully installed cost approx. $1640.00 plus GST. The prices may vary depending on your requirements, the complexity of the roof, ease of access, and your home’s location. 

What are the different types of skylights?

There are three major types of skylights, fixed, tubular and ventilating which are sometimes called “roof windows”. They come in several forms including flat, arched, domed, and pyramid. 

How long do skylights last?

Typically, a skylight can last between 8-15 years, depending on how well it was installed and the quality of the skylight’s manufacturing.  

Are skylights a good idea?

Skylights can contribute greatly to energy conservation and comfort and can be built both in existing and new homes. They are an outstanding natural light source: they can accept more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size, spread it equally, save energy and increase your level of visual comfort. 

How much does a skylight cost?

Skylights with flashings can cost between $440.00 plus GST to $800.00 plus GST this price depends on the size you require your skylight to be. 
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