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We offer evacuated tube installation for your solar water heater. A split system where the storage tank is located on the ground in a convenient location.

evacuated tube installationWe offer evacuated tube installation for your solar water heater. A split system where the storage tank is located on the ground in a convenient location.

Solar energy is collected by the roof mounted tubes. Heated water is transferred from the tube assembly to the storage tank by an innovative control system that operates when solar energy is available.

Benefits of Solar Hot Water

Australian electricity is predominately generated using non renewable and dirty coal fired power stations. As well as electricity they produce carbon dioxide emissions ash, particles and waste heat, while consuming vast quantities of water and non renewable coal. Solar hot water systems reduce electricity usage and your carbon foot print.

Features of Evacuated Tube Systems

  • Reduction in energy to heat the water in your home
  • high efficiency evacuated tubes with frost protection down to -12 deg C
  • Lightweight roof mounted components for ease of installation
  • Available with a stainless steel or vitreous enamel carbon steel tank
  • Ground level tank minimizes the impact on the aesthetics of your roof
  • Option of a gas or electric booster for those cloudy days
  • Split system solar controllers incorporate a sophisticated IEC intelligent electronic controller. The IEC controller uses algorithms to switch the transfer pump to collect solar energy. But not short cycle or cause the tank to overheat reducing stress on the pump and tank and preventing the safety able from wasting hot water.

Tubes- Principles of Operation

The tubes are manufactured in borosilicate glass with an inner glass tube providing a vacuum for heat retention. The heat pipe is manufactured in copper and contains a small amount of purified water that turns to steam at approximately 30 degree the heat that provides consumable hot water. The energy the tubes collect is transferred to the consumable hot water inside the well insulated header assembly. This principle allows the collector to with stand temperatures as low as -12 degree


Boosters bring the solar heated water to final temp during times of low solar availability and / or excessive hot water use.

Rinnai offer both electric and Gas as boosters to match your fuel choice. Electric boosters heat the volume of water in the tank above electric element. There are two electric element positions available, each providing a balance between efficiency and on demand capability. Gas boosters use the dedicated solar version of the market leading Rinnai Infinity as an in line gas booster. Only operating if and when required, inline gas boosting will never run out.


Vitreous enamel tanks -5 years*

  • Stainless steel tanks -10 years*
  • Collectors- 15 years*

For further information on warranty conditions and exclusions please contact us.

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