A close coupled system is where the storage cylinder and the solar collectors are coupled together and installation is on the roof. Rinnai close coupled solar system use a thermo-syphoning principle (i.e hot water rises because it is less dense) to circulate the water through the collectors and then to the storage cylinder without the need for a pump. Supplementary heating from the electric element or gas will generally turn on over night to bring the water up to temperature if insufficient heat is available from the sun (such as during cloudy or rainy weather or during winter months).


  • Low heat loss due to greater insulation.
  • Thermal arrestor valve reduces stress on tank by preventing excessive hot water temperature stored in tank
  • Wide range of color bond colours available. Ask us for full color selection
  • Choice of two selective surface collectors
  • Australian made
  • Stainless steel or Vitreous Enamel tanks
  • High performance resulting in great STC’s rebate
  • Gas or electric booster options


  • Technically very efficient, economical to install and low maintenance
  • No recirculating pumps and pipes runs- reducing heat losses and improving running efficiency
  • No electricity required to operate pumps to recirculate the water through the panels.
  • Space saving in that it eliminates the need for storage tank at ground level-ideal for courtyard homes.