Rinnai Water Heater Split System

Rinnai Water Heater Split System is where the Storage Cylinder and the collectors are installed separately. A choice of an electric boost element in the cylinder or an in-line gas booster which can be installed on the side or the cylinder, or remote mounted on a wall.

Solar energy is collected by roof mounted solar collectors to the tank by an innovative control system that operates when solar energy is available.

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Benefits of a Rinnai water heater

Australian electricity is predominately generated using non renewable and dirty coal fired power stations.

As well as electricity they produce carbon dioxide emissions, ash, particles and waste heat, while consuming vast quantities of water and non renewable coal. Solar hot water system will reduce your electricity usage and your carbon foot print.

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Features of Rinnai Stainless steel split system

  • Stainless steel hot water storage tank, a material you can trust for cleanliness and long life.
  • Ground level tank minimises the impact on the aesthetics of your roof
  • High efficiency collectors to absorb the maximum available solar energy..
  • Streamlined appearance 600mm diameter
  • Reduction in energy costs to heat the water used in the home
  • RINNAI split system solar controllers incorporate a sophisticated IEC ingellegent electronic controller.
  • The IEC controller uses algorithms to switch the transfer pump to collect solar energy but not short cycle or cause the tank to overheat reducing the stress on the pump and tank and preventing safety valve from wasting hot water.
  • Designed by RINNAI, a household name in efficient water heating. *Made in Australia at Rinnai’s manufacturing plant
  • High performance resulting in high small scale certificates awarded (rebate)